guided tours lädt ein zur sechsten schau

guided tours invites you to N°6

- an exhibition with -

D a n i e l  C h l u b a  -  www.daniel-chluba.de
Roman Signer Superstar

O r e e  H o l b a n -  http://johnnykeren.com/
Conjuration of summer dance party

E l e a n o r e  P i e n t a
Flipping into and out of credibility

A video from Berlin (D.C.)
A performance from Tel Aviv (O.H.)
Photographs from New York (E.P.)

Characters, possibilities of the stage, the non-real, absurdity, irony. The artist playing.

Wednesday, 29.06.2011

19 - 23h

Tönnchen (corner of Sonnenalle and Roseggerstr., 12043 Berlin)

U7 Karl-Marx-Str. / M41 Geygerstr.


may - die fünfte schau

Adams& E.B. Itso

still from København H by Adams and E.B. Itso

Not obviously visible.
First to see is the 17 minute film København H by Adams and E.B. Itso. The film is a journey from the public space we know to a private, secret place. It´s images first incorporate the crowded and hectic scenes that we know from every day life, then, as we  follow the protagonist, get more and more concentrated on simple but elaborated actions. We enter an unknown space that is constructed with extreme care and observe the protagonist and his friend preparing and having a meal. This homely procedure, filmed in it’s details, praises the necessary and negates all opulence. 

Opposed to this concrete existence of hidden space you see photographs of Yala Juchmann showing pictures of invisible scenes -only getting visible through the exposure of film. Excerpts of negatives that have been exposed  in different light situations show abstract and coloured forms. 

A series of almost invisible drawings that hold fine lines of a knive give a hint to Yala Juchmann’s working process. Some of the picutres originate from templates like the drawings, letting the light just pass through at certain points.

Also, there is one site-specific work showing two large format slide negatives lit behind two little doors, that are part of the exhibition space. They were exposed behind the doors and transform their inside into abstract landscapes.