guided tours lädt ein zur sechsten schau

guided tours invites you to N°6

- an exhibition with -

D a n i e l  C h l u b a  -  www.daniel-chluba.de
Roman Signer Superstar

O r e e  H o l b a n -  http://johnnykeren.com/
Conjuration of summer dance party

E l e a n o r e  P i e n t a
Flipping into and out of credibility

A video from Berlin (D.C.)
A performance from Tel Aviv (O.H.)
Photographs from New York (E.P.)

Characters, possibilities of the stage, the non-real, absurdity, irony. The artist playing.

Wednesday, 29.06.2011

19 - 23h

Tönnchen (corner of Sonnenalle and Roseggerstr., 12043 Berlin)

U7 Karl-Marx-Str. / M41 Geygerstr.