July - the seventh show

Kate V Robertson 
Kathrin Köster

Kate V Robertson, pillar's replica

Spatial vocabulary, developed by Kathrin Köster and Kate V Robertson: each piece refers to the conditions and particularities of the space. Artworks adapting so closely to their environment that they risk remaining undiscovered – incidental pieces.
Kathrin Köster, canvas object up to the street

A brick-made wall suggests to us stability and safety. The visually perfect brick-made column by Kate V Robertson we see in the first room is a latex replica from the „real“ column in the second room. It’s materiality questions our understanding of stability. The perception of hardness and softness changes, the softness becoming a symbol of the insecure – what if the whole building was constructed of soft materials?
Two round elements of fake marble decorating the raw wall, a powdered incidence of light in  the alcove at the rear part and a wall drawing showing an abstract symbol with two elements join the column in the first room. The two elements of the drawing are found again three-dimensionally in the other room where they are the middle part of a canvas-sculpture by Kathrin Köster that is leading out of the exhibition space to the street above. A second canvas-sculpture sits on the tubes beneath the ceiling pretending to be an inherent part of the space. A wall drawing by both artists in the shape of a circle corresponds with roundly-shaped wooden sculpture in the corridor. An ink-dripping tube coming from the ceiling joins the ordinary tubes. A bulb in the wall between purpose and accident.
upper pictures: Kathrin Köster / bottom pictures Kathrin Köster and Kate V Robertson

The single works form a web of correspondances with the space or with other pieces, the whole exhibition is a covert presentation of site-specific and piece-specific interventions. With Kate V Robertson humourously turning local conditions into questions about their relevance and our perception, and Kathrin Köster bringing in a more mythical, painting-related way of working. Both artists very consciously worked with the form of making an exhibition.
left: Kathrin Köster, canvas object / middle & right: Kate V Robertson, bulb and ink dripping-tube.