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- an exhibition with -

Yala Juchmann

Adams & E.B.Itso

 Mittwoch / Wednesday 25/05/2011, 19-23h

Tönnchen, intersection of Sonnenallee and Roseggerstr., 12043 Berlin
from the Tönnchen you will be led into the exhibition space

U7 Karl-Marx-Str. / M41 Geygerstr.

Forgotten, hidden and recovered.The secret, the hidden and the unseen. A photograph that you can´t see: Yala Juchmann directs light onto film material, works out different ways of guiding the light and creates familiar seeming images that can´t be located by us. Next to Yala Juchmann´s work the exhibition presents a film by the swedish/danish artists Adams & E.B. Itso that puts a focus on hidden urban places which could be and are everywhere but might stay unseen, unused and unthought.